Yale University

Yale University formerly known as Collegiate School and Yale College is nation’s third oldest educational institute for higher studies. Yale is a private research institute in the United States of America. Established on October 9, 1701, it is an Ivy League college and university. Yale University is in New Haven, Connecticut, US. Currently, Yale University is offering advanced education to both national and international students. Students from all background cultures, religion or race pursue a good degree at this outstanding organization of modern technology and advanced education: A non-discriminatory organization in the true sense. Yale University is doing innovation and creative efforts in present day and heading to create a bright future of cultural and scientific ease for future generations.

Yale university USA and world rank

source: timeshighereducation.com -2016 ranking

The faculty of Yale University is nonetheless leaders of their specific fields. They know what to deliver and how to deliver. There are cases when students are unable to grasp the concept delivered by the professor simply because the professor is unable to make students understand and to pour the core knowledge into their minds. But the professor of Yale is different than this. They clarify each and every bit of information to the students in such a way that neither the theory nor practical application remains burdensome for the students.

Yale University is offering many diverse degree programs for undergraduate and graduate students. The most common majors offered at Yale University are biology and biomedical sciences, history, psychology, general, economics, political science, government and other Arts and Science related degrees. Yale is not offering every other desired degree program but it ensures to deliver the quality work. So the way it is conducting its academic statics is top-rated. As per 2016 ranking, Yale University was at #8 among other national competing universities of United States of America. Thus it is cleared how quality education Yale is providing to its enrolled students.

For being a top class university, Yale is at student’s priority. But admission to Yale is not an easy task. Yale is “extremely selective” in granting admissions. The acceptance rate of applications by Yale University is just 7%. This means out of every 100 applications only 7 are accepted. To be among that lucky 7%, students work very hard at every pace of their academic career. Devotional fulfilling all their requirements is necessary.  The critical requirements asked by university administration for admission purposes are:

  • GPA
  • Tests including SAT and ACT
  • Application

The average GPA required for admission in Yale University is 4.19. Yale is considered one of the best university of US and thus a student’s GPA should be worthy of its admission. With continuous efforts, this required GPA can be easily achieved even if not the compensation can be done through good scores in SAT and ACT. The average SAT required for admission is 1540 on new 1600 SAT. This makes Yale highly competitive in SAT scores. The average ACT score required for admission is 33. Yale is tough in ACT scoring as well. But after all these, the fact remains the same that Yale is among US’s best research universities and thus it does worth all of it. At the end submit your application by attaching all desired documents such as your final transcript, GPA, SAT and ACT scores and letters of recommendation(if demanded) to the administration of the university.