University of Wisconsin-Madison


In 1848 Wisconsin achieved statehood in the United States of America and that was the year when this renowned university was established. University of Wisconsin- Madison is also known as UW-Madison or University of Wisconsin simply. It is the oldest and largest university in Wisconsin state. It is a public research university of flagship type. Located in Madison, Wisconsin, United States of America, UW-Madison is the proud founding member of Association of American Universities (AAU) and Universities Research Association (URA). Along with being the flagship, the University of Wisconsin-Madison is a land-grant university also. The university campus is located at a place considered best to live in the city.

Colleges & Schools

Currently, University of Wisconsin-Madison is having 20 colleges and schools and are educating students at every level. Students may take admission in undergraduate, graduate or professional level degrees. The university is also a member of Public Ivy League universities of United States and is considered one of the best universities in terms of research and innovation in the field of technology and advancements. In recent previous years, it allocated a total budget of over $1 million for research projects. With this funding in the field of research, University of Wisconsin-Madison became the third highest university in the United States of America to do intensive research based projects. From science to arts and literature, music, medicine, health and welfare, engineering and agriculture each subject is being delivered at this reputed university of United States. As the university is among the top leading research universities of US thus the patents generated by them also holds weight. In the year 2010, the University of Wisconsin-Madison stood fourth because of the patents issued by them. Research has been carried out in many fields like engineering, medical, arts and agriculture. But the main focus and intense research by the University were in the field of stem cell. UW-Madison is considered the master and pioneer in Embryonic Stem Cell research department.

Degree Programs at University of Wisconsin-Madison

Currently, University of Wisconsin-Madison is offering various degree programs for all students. And each department is well equipped and excelled in technology and advancement. The most popular majors offered at the University are General, Political Science, Government, Psychology, Biological Science, Economics and Biology. All these and many other fields are being taught by highly professional teachers who are always there to help their students in any difficulty. The student teacher relationship is much smooth and friendly and students never feel hesitation in questioning again and again if they can’t grasp the concept being delivered to them.

Ranking of University of Wisconsin-Madison

The ranking is always very important for institutions. Especially when the majority of the institutes offer almost same degree programs then the student always tends to get admission in the institute with highest possible rank. It is not always easy and becomes more difficult when the competition is tough. The University of Wisconsin-Madison, however, is one of the leading research universities in the United States of America. And thus it is highly ranked as well. According to the year 2016 ranking, University of Wisconsin-Madison is ranked #44 among other national universities of United States of America. Other schools and colleges of the University are ranked separately as per their performances and other indicators set to evaluate educational institutes. Every year many students compete in getting admission in this well-reputed university of United States of America.

Acceptance Rate of Applications

As the ranking of university describes it is among the leading universities of United States so it is quite obvious that the acceptance rate of application by the University of Wisconsin-Madison would be high also. This is going in the betterment of students. The high acceptance rate demands students work hard throughout their career and becomes a jewel of their society. Hard work also pays back. So timely preparation will never go in vain. According to the year 2016, the acceptance rate of applications by University of Wisconsin-Madison is 51%. This means that the University of Wisconsin-Madison is moderately selective in granting admissions. Every year out of 100 applications only 51 are selected and are lucky enough to spend few precious years of their lives in this reputed university.

Application Requirements

Like any other university, University of Wisconsin-Madison also follows a series of steps and rules for admission purposes. And every student must adhere to those principles. The admission guideline is discussed briefly on the official university website and it is very important for everyone to follow that. It will ease the admission procedure for every student.

The admission procedure followed by the University of Wisconsin-Madison is simple and includes few steps. It demands the following things to be submitted carefully to the university administration:

  • GPA
  • Test scores of SAT and ACT
  • Application


GPA Requirement

The GPA required for admission in the University of Wisconsin-Madison is 3.81. This is not very tough to gain nor very easy. If a student is willing to get admission in a high-tech university and aim to live a balanced life, he must work hard in every step of his life. Attaining this GPA or even higher than this not only help him get admission in this university but also in many other well-reputed universities of the US and the world.

SAT and ACT Test scores

SAT and ACT tests are demanded by all major universities of US and therefore work once hard to get good scores in both these tests and then submit them without any fear. The SAT score required for admission in the University of Wisconsin-Madison is 1350 on new 1600 SAT. And the ACT score require for admission is 28. These scores are moderately competitive but not impossible to achieve.

Application Submission

Finally, submit your application before the due date to the admission office of university and attach all the necessary documents with it which normally includes your final transcript, GPA, Application form, SAT and ACT test scores, letters of recommendation and application essays (if required).