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The University of Washington also called Washington, UW, is one of the oldest public researches University of Flagship Type. Established in 1861, University of Washington is located in Seattle, Washington, United States of America. The University of Washington is also a member of AAU (Association of American Universities) that is an international organization of both public and private research universities that are contributing highly towards innovation and advanced research. Universities that are prominent in technology and updated research are part of this organization. 60 universities come under its banner including two universities of Canada.

The University of Washington is preparing well informed and responsible global citizens every year who are highly equipped with modern day technology and present demanding solutions of inevitable and challenging problems. The Faculty is working hard to bring innovative ideas to market and aiding their students to work on them and convert them from mere ideas to reality. This process of dealing things that aren’t common, enable students to ponder deeply on what is on the market currently, what is demanded and what will assist the nation and people across the world in making their future more effortless and bright. As this era is the era of automation and technology, so bringing ideas that will ease people in their daily life will be an extraordinary effort from any organization.

The most popular degree programs offered at the University of Washington for students include visual and performing arts; a very unique and demanding program of the modern day. Marketing, biology and biomedical sciences, business, social science and support related degrees are few others to mention. The unique way of transferring information at the University of Washington is making it more prominent among its competitors. According to the ranking done in the year 2016, based on universities’ performance, the University of Washington was at number 52. However, the admission requirements and other essentials stand on their position to be fully completed and carefully submitted.

Based on past admissions the record of acceptance rate of applications by the University of Washington is 55%. This means for every 100 applicants, 55 are granted admission every year. It is therefore called “moderately selective” in taking admissions than other research universities in the United States. Other critical requirements for getting admission in this university may include:

  • GPA
  • Tests including SAT and ACT
  • Application

The average GPA required for admission in UW is 3.76. It takes other tests as well. So if your GPA doesn’t meet the university criteria, try your luck in getting good test scores of SAT and ACT to compensate. The average SAT score required for admission in UW is 1290 on new SAT 1600. This says that the University of Washington is moderately selective in SAT. The ACT score required by this university is 28. Thus if anybody gets the chance of achieving these scores or more than this along with required GPA, he/she have ample chances of being selected for admission in UW. At the end, complete your application for submission by attaching all necessary documents asked by university administration which normally include your previous transcript, GPA, test scores of SAT and ACT and any application essay or letters of recommendation.

Academic Courses, Departments and Admission Guide

School & CollegesSee DetailsAcademics/Department/AdmissionsApplication
COLLEGE OF ARTS & SCIENCESSee Details 1. Arts Division 2. Humanities Division 3. Natural Sciences Division 4. Social Sciences Division 5. All Departments 6. All Centers & ProgramsSee Details
COLLEGE OF BUILT ENVIRONMENTSSee Details 1. Undergraduate Degrees 2. Graduate Degrees 3. Interdisciplinary PhD Degrees 4. Certificate ProgramsSee Details
FOSTER SCHOOL OF BUSINESSSee Details 1. Degree Programs 2. Certificates & MinorsApply
SCHOOL OF DENTISTRYSee Details 1. Departments 2. ProgramsSee Details
COLLEGE OF EDUCATIONSee Details 1. Undergraduate Programs 2. Teacher Preparation 3. Graduate Studies 4. Leadership PreparationApplication
COLLEGE OF ENGINEERINGSee Details 1. Departments 2. Faculty & ResearchAdmissions
COLLEGE OF THE ENVIRONMENTSee Details Degrees, Programs & CoursesSee Details
THE GRADUATE SCHOOLSee Details ProgramsApplication
THE INFORMATION SCHOOLSee Details Academic Programs See Details Courses & Application
SCHOOL OF LAWSee Details Programs, Centers & Projects See Details Application
SCHOOL OF MEDICINESee Details Academic Departments See Details Admissions
SCHOOL OF NURSINGSee Details Degree Programs See Details Application(s) See Details
SCHOOL OF PHARMACYSee Details 1. Departments: See Details 2. PhD & MS: See Details Admission
EVANS SCHOOL OF PUBLIC POLICY & GOVERNANCESee Details Academic Programs See Details Admission | Apply See Details
SCHOOL OF PUBLIC HEALTHSee Details Departments: See Details Admissions: See Details
SCHOOL OF SOCIAL WORKSee Details Programs: See Details Admissions: See Details

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