University of Pennsylvania

The introduction of the University of Pennsylvania demands several pages to be filled. Commonly known as Penn or UPenn this university was founded by one of the founding fathers of America Benjamin Franklin in the year 1740. This is one of the oldest private Ivy League University located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States of America. The practical education of commerce and public services was Benjamin’s belief, although it wasn’t implemented in his life. As the founder’s life is full of inventions and technologized services of the nation and the whole world, this university is following his footsteps in every way possible. The University of Pennsylvania is among the founders of Association of American Universities. Penn was a pioneer in adopting the idea of teaching multiple disciples in one institute. It was originally done at some European Universities.

University of Pennsylvania USA and World Rank

source: -2016 ranking

Penn is among those leading universities of America that are tremendously contributing towards advanced scientific and innovative solutions of everyday life. Penn is offering diverse categories of degrees for graduate and undergraduate students. It is commonly known for its medical, dental, law, communication, engineering, business, liberal arts and research-based schools. The extreme enterprise research and academic departments of the University of Pennsylvania are nonetheless big bird for other leading universities in the United States. Penn is hosting 15% international students every year so it is a non-discriminatory university that is educating students of all levels, races and cultures with its highly creative and innovative concepts. With all achievements and awards through these years, it would be unfair to not mention the rank of Penn among other universities of United States. Thus according to the ranking done in 2016, University of Pennsylvania lies at number 9 among other national universities of America. It is indeed a great achievement for any organization to be among top 10 and maintain the quality of what they are delivering to the nation. Surrounded by all other top universities, Penn didn’t lose its position and continue to convey knowledge and equipped people with new technology. In the year 2012, Penn was at number 12th among 300 best universities of the world.

With all these discussed achievements which are little to zero of the whole history of this reputed university, it is thereby confirmed that getting admission in it won’t be easy enough. Therefore before applying notes down its previous record of taking admissions so that you get ready for results. The acceptance rate of applications by Penn is only 12%. This means it is “extremely selective” in its admission that only 12 applications out of every 100 are accepted. So it requires a student to work hard on every other proceeding step. The essentials at University of Pennsylvania are:

  • GPA
  • Tests including SAT and ACT
  • Application

The average GPA required for getting admission in Penn is 3.9. It is above average for many to achieve but once gained, may ease your further steps of admission. The SAT score required for getting admission in this reputed university is 1500 on new 1600 SAT scale. This means the University of Pennsylvania is strongly competitive in SAT score. The ACT score required is 32. This all will adjust your confusion of why Penn is highly ranked university of US. At the end, complete your application and submit the final transcript, GPA, SAT and ACT scores achieved and interviews or application essays demanded.