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The university of Notre Dame was founded by a priest of Congregation of the Holy Cross Edward Sorin. It is a catholic research university established on November 26, 1842. Located in South Bend, Indiana, this university follows the semester-based calendar like many other national universities of United States. Currently, Notre Dame is supported by many Holy Cross priests. This university stood high for all faiths and beliefs. As being a religious catholic institute it delivers religious values in combination with scientific knowledge that is no less competitive to the other leading research universities of United States.

University of Notre Dame USA and World Ranking

source: -2016 ranking

The university of Notre Dame is offering various degree programs for undergraduate and graduate students. Its majors differ slightly with other commonly offered degrees by universities in America. Few important majors are general accounting, psychology, economics, political science, and finance. As in professional degree, Law, Business, and Architecture are few to mention. Faculty members at the University of Notre Dame are basically mentors who will assist students in scientific and artistic ways. Students will get an education in a unique way that will make them grasp the real concept the same time it is delivered. According to the ranking of 2016 for universities in the Unites States of America, University of Notre Dame ranked #18 among other national universities.

For students who are not interested much in engineering fields and want to pursue a degree in one of the above-mentioned programs, University of Notre Dame is best for them. For submitting application keeping in mind all admission requirements of Notre Dame is very important. The acceptance rate of applications by Notre Dame University is 22%. This means it is “very selective” in its admissions. Out of every 100 applicants, only 22 are enrolled for admission. A student should be very careful in fulfilling other demands of the university. Some critical and commonly required things include:

  • GPA
  • Tests including SAT and ACT
  • Application

The average GPA required for admission in the University of Notre Dame is 4.02. This is very high for many students but with continuous efforts, it can be achieved and become your first step of being there in your desired university. If a student fails to achieve this required GPA, he/she can still work hard to get a good score in SAT and ACT that will eventually compensate the loss. The average SAT score required by this university on new 1600 SAT score is 1480. With this score, Notre Dame is strongly competitive in SAT as well. The requirement for average ACT score by Notre Dame is 33. It is again strongly competitive in ACT score as well. These high levels of test scores and GPA are normally demanded by top class universities of United States and thus if you are applying for this leading research university, it really does worth it.

Academic Programs & ServicesDetails
Master of Nonprofit Administration (M.N.A.), Mendoza College of BusinessSee Details
Master of Sacred Music ProgramSee Details
Master of DivinitySee Details
Nanovic Institute for European StudiesSee Details
Tax Assistance ProgramSee Details
Gigot Center for Entrepreneurial StudiesSee Details

Finally completing your application is an essential step so check if all documents are provided which normally includes your transcript, GPA, SAT and ACT scores, letters of recommendation, application essays(if demanded) interviews(upon demand) and submit it all for evaluation.

Colleges & Schools of University of Notre Dame

Colleges/SchoolQuick InformationDetails
School of ArchitectureEstablished: 1898 Undergraduate Enrollment: 168 Graduate Enrollment: 43See Details
College of Arts and LettersEstablished: 1842 Undergraduate Enrollment: 1914 Graduate Enrollment: 1128See Details
Mendoza College of BusinessEstablished: 1921 Undergraduate Enrollment: 2050 Graduate Enrollment: 673See Details
College of EngineeringEstablished: 1873 Undergraduate Enrollment: 1203 Graduate Enrollment: 485See Details
Keough School of Global AffairsEstablished: 2014See Details
College of ScienceEstablished: 1865 Undergraduate Enrollment: 1191 Graduate Enrollment: 550See Details
First Year of StudiesEstablished: 1962 Undergraduate Enrollment: 2025 YEAR 2014See Details
The Graduate SchoolEstablished: 1918 Graduate Enrollment: 2200 YEAR 2014See Details
The Law SchoolEstablished: 1869 Graduate Enrollment: 548 YEAR 2013See Details


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