University of Michigan

The University of Michigan (UMich) commonly known as Michigan is state’s oldest public research university: first founded in Detroit before Michigan officially became a state on August 26, 1817. Currently, its campus is in Ann Arbor, Michigan, the United States of America where it is moved in 1837. For this, it is one of the oldest research universities in the US. It is research enrich institute and contributing highly towards nation’s innovative and progressive projects. This vast experience of 199 years of quality knowledge and the advanced education, University of Michigan has earned a reputation of leading research university of United States of America. Currently Michigan has campuses in Dearborn, Flint, and Detroit.

University of Michigan USA and world rank

source: -2016 ranking

The University of Michigan is offering bachelor, masters and doctorate degrees in many fields. Each field is equipped with professional and experienced faculty who are leaders of their courses. They make the environment of Michigan more suitable for students to study and work under their leadership. The major courses offered at the University of Michigan are social sciences, humanities, engineering, technology, experimental psychology, management, political science, general government, neuroscience, business administration and economics for graduate level. Professional degrees in law, nursing, medicine, architecture, pharmacy and dentistry are few to mention. According to the ranking of 2016, the University of Michigan at Ann-Arbor was at number 15 among other national universities of United States of America in tough competition.

As defined, University of Michigan is a well-reputed university among research universities of America; therefore, it is highlighted among students for admission. Every year many students apply to this successive institution but as per their criteria, only a few are lucky enough to get admission. According to a refined report, the acceptance rate of applications by the University of Michigan is 33%. Hence it is “highly selective” in granting admission to the applicants. It is thereby recommended to fulfill each of their further requirements with full devotion and try hard to achieve the required grades or even above than that. The critical requirements for getting admission in University of Michigan is:

  • GPA
  • Tests including SAT and ACT
  • Application

The average GPA required for admission in the University of Michigan is 3.82. This is neither very easy nor very difficult to achieve. With continuous studies and hard work, a student can easily attain this required GPA that will help him/her in future. Like other national universities of the United States, University of Michigan also takes SAT and ACT to verify either a student is really eligible for granting admission or not. The average SAT score required for admission in UMich is 1430 on new 1600 SAT score. This makes the University of Michigan selective in SAT as well. The average ACT score required for admission in Michigan is 30. This ACT score make admission tough in Michigan but these all are proving that the University of Michigan is combining all the gems under one roof. Michigan wants all extraordinary students to study and think together for more advanced and innovative ideas that will assist the university and the nation and open new ways of prosperity. At the end submit your application form by attaching all these desired documents demanded by administration such as your transcript, GPA, SAT and ACT and letters of recommendation before the due date.