University of California, Los Angeles

The University of California, Los Angeles is second-oldest undergraduate campus affiliated with University of California system. It is situated in Westwood, Los Angeles, California, United States of America. University of California, Los Angeles is also commonly known as UCLA. It is a land-grant public research university. It officially became a campus of the University of California in 1919. Since then it widely opened its doors of opportunities for better education and inquiry to students. According to 2016 academic report, UCLA has 119,000 applicants for admission and it is the largest number of applications to any American University, Currently offering many graduate, undergraduate and interdisciplinary programs for students.

University of California Los Angeles USA and World Rank

source: -2016 ranking

UCLA is not just about seeing the possibilities rather they work hard until they find a solution for issues declared impossible by the rest of the world. They don’t go with the flow and work on the already existent projects rather their students and outstanding faculty bring innovative ideas and concepts of modern technology and convert them to reality for the nation and the entire world. Academically the most popular majors offered at the University of California, Los Angeles are history, psychology, social sciences, literature/language, Aerospace studies, family medicine, Molecular, Cell and developmental biology and many other notable and advanced degree programs. According to the ranking of 2016 about university’s performance evaluation, the University of California, Los Angeles is ranked #11 among other competing national universities of United States of America. As it is among the top leading research universities of US, it is, therefore, an important priority for students when they are seeking admission in a well-reputed university of US. The admission procedure for UCLA is same as with any other university.

The acceptance rate of applications by the University of California, Los Angeles is 20%. It is deemed “very selective” for granting admissions. Out of every 100 applications, only 20 are accepted every year. Other essential requirements for admission in UCLA are:

  • GPA
  • Tests including SAT and ACT
  • Application

The average GPA required for admission in UCLA is 4.29. This is very high and competitive as compared to other universities. This is because UCLA is taking the most outstanding students who are both hardworking and are able to create innovative ideas through their intellectual mind. The average SAT score required for admission in UCLA is 1370 on new 1600 SAT score. UCLA is moderately competitive in SAT scores as well but not impossible. The average ACT score required for admission in UCLA is 28. It is considerably easy to attain if the student is really devoted for getting admission in this reputed university of America. With continuous hard work and devotion, things get possible and same is the case with the academic career of any person.

At the end, UCLA just like any other university requires your application form to be fully completed and that includes providing your final transcript, your GPA, test scores of SAT and ACT, application essays (if demanded), letters of recommendation and interviews being submitted to the university administration before the due date issued by the university.