University of California, Davis

The University of California, Davis is affiliated with University of California system which has around ten campuses. It is located in Davis, California, United States of America. University of California, Davis is also known as UCD or UC Davis. Established in 1905, University of California, Davis is a land-grant public research university. The University of California was formerly known as University Farm or Northern Branch of College of Agriculture. It then became a general UC campus in 1959. Up to this date, University of California, Davis is considered a well-reputed institute in terms of research and innovation. It is also considered a doctoral research institute as well for its combination of high medical and researched programs. The faculty of the University of California, Davis is highly professional and experienced. Many members are notable personalities of National Academy of Sciences and American Law Institute and other prominent organization members.

University of California Davis USA & World Rank

source: -2016 ranking

The University of California, Davis is expanding its academic programs to include more degrees of modern day. Recently it introduced professional degrees in medical. Other popular majors offered at the University of California, Davis is education, nursing, medicine, veterinary medicine, economics, experimental psychology, managerial economics, anatomy, biology and biomedical sciences, neurobiology and general. They don’t compromise on quality. And tends to provide the best education to the enrolled student that is why their faculty is far from being just ordinary. According to the 2016 ranking of universities, University of California, Davis is ranked 24 among other competing national universities of United States of America.

Getting admission in UC Davis is followed by a series of steps just like any other college or university in the United States. But before applying it would be better if the criterion of this university is fully examined. As per last year record and statics, the acceptance rate of applications by the University of California, Davis is 41%. Therefore it is “moderately selective” in its admissions. A student must be careful in applying and fulfilling the requirements of this university. The critical requirement for admission in this university is:

  • GPA
  • Tests including SAT and ACT
  • Application

The average GPA required for admission in UC Davis is 3.99. Efforts done for the right thing at the right time will never go in vain. Therefore this required GPA is not impossible to achieve. Hardworking will eventually pay off. The average SAT score required for admission purposes by UC Davis is 1290 on new 1600 SAT score. UC Davis is moderately competitive in SAT scoring as well. The average ACT score required for admission in the University of California, Davis is 27. Again it is not very high and tough to achieve this required score. It is, therefore, easy to compensate the loss of marks for one requirement with good grades in the other if a student is devoted and serious to get admission in this reputed research university. At the end every college and university demand your application form to be fully completed thus attach all desired documents such as your final transcript, GPA, SAT and ACT test scores, application essays (if demanded) and letters of recommendation and submit it to university administration before the due date.