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Stanford University that is originally and officially called Leland Stanford Junior University was established in the memory of the late son of Leland Stanford and Jan Lathrop Stanford the founders of Stanford University. It was established in 1885 as a private research educational institute. Stanford University is located in Stanford California, United States of America. The main campus of the university is in Santa Clara Valley. The university was previously tuition free till 1920, but with the death of its founder and earthquake consequences in San Francisco, the economic condition of the university got worse and it needed something to be done to come out of financial crises. It regains its status and now considered one of the best and prominent research institutes of America.

Stanford University has schools for graduate, undergraduate and professional level studies. Each and every school and college is providing quality education with vast categories of disciplines and highly experienced and professional professors. Stanford University is student’s top priority whenever they are seeking any leading research institute in the state of America. In fact, Stanford University is famous for its educational services all around the world. Many students from various countries apply to this reputed university and study in its advanced and technologized environment. The most popular degree programs for which¬† Stanford University is notable all around the globe includes engineering, social sciences, biology and biomedical sciences, information sciences, law, medicine, business, environmental sciences and many other interdisciplinary degree programs as well.

Stanford University USA and World Rank

source: -2016 ranking

The yearly performance evaluation defines the ranks of universities and as per 2016 ranking; Stanford University is ranked #2 among other competing national universities of United States of America. This shows how much reputation Stanford University has earned through all these years and therefore getting admission in it would never be easy enough. So working hard from the start will benefit and ease the admission process for any student.

Suitability for Admission

The admission procedure is same as other universities and the first step in exploring that all is noting Stanford University’s acceptance rate. The acceptance rate of applications by Stanford University is 6%. Stanford University is “extremely selective” in granting admissions to the applicants. Out of every 100 applications, only 6 are accepted every year. This means Stanford University is gathering all the gems of intellect and technology under its roof and is very demanding from them. The acceptance rate shows that other requirements would also be high and thus only hardworking and devoting students will be able to get through. Some major critical demands for admission purposes include the following things:

  • GPA
  • Tests including SAT and ACT
  • Application

The average GPA required for admission in Stanford University is 4.18. This is a high GPA required by this university but it is justified by realizing all the qualities of Stanford University. The average SAT score required for admission in Stanford University is 1520 on new 1600 SAT score. Stanford University is competitive and selective in SAT score as well. The average ACT required for admission purposes is 33. Comparatively selective in ACT test also. But with hard work all these requirements can be met. AT the end, Stanford University requires your complete application form along with your previous transcript, GPA, SAT and ACT test scores and letters of recommendation to be submitted to the administration for further processing.


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Academic Departments


Academic Departments & Details

Academic DepartmentsView Details
Aeronautics & AstronauticsCourse Details
AnesthesiaCourse Details
AnthropologyCourse Details
Applied PhysicsCourse Details
Art & Art HistoryCourse Details
BiochemistryCourse Details
BioengineeringCourse Details
BiologyCourse Details
Business, Graduate School ofCourse Details
Cardiothoracic SurgeryCourse Details
Chemical and Systems BiologyCourse Details
Chemical EngineeringCourse Details
ChemistryCourse Details
Civil & Environmental EngineeringCourse Details
ClassicsCourse Details
CommunicationCourse Details
Comparative LiteratureCourse Details
Comparative MedicineCourse Details
Computer ScienceCourse Details
DermatologyCourse Details
Developmental BiologyCourse Details
Earth System ScienceCourse Details
East Asian Languages and CulturesCourse Details
EconomicsCourse Details
School of EducationCourse Details
Electrical EngineeringCourse Details
Energy Resources EngineeringCourse Details
EnglishCourse Details
French and ItalianCourse Details
GeneticsCourse Details
Geological SciencesCourse Details
GeophysicsCourse Details
German StudiesCourse Details
Health Research & PolicyCourse Details
HistoryCourse Details
Iberian & Latin American CulturesCourse Details
Law SchoolCourse Details
LinguisticsCourse Details
Management Science & EngineeringCourse Details
Materials Science & EngineeringCourse Details
MathematicsCourse Details
Mechanical EngineeringCourse Details
MedicineCourse Details
Microbiology & ImmunologyCourse Details
Molecular & Cellular PhysiologyCourse Details
MusicCourse Details
NeurobiologyCourse Details
Neurology & Neurological SciencesCourse Details
NeurosurgeryCourse Details
Obstetrics and GynecologyCourse Details
OphthalmologyCourse Details
Orthopaedic SurgeryCourse Details
Otolaryngology (Head and Neck Surgery) Course Details
Particle Physics & Astrophysics (SLAC)Course Details
PathologyCourse Details
PediatricsCourse Details
PhilosophyCourse Details
PhysicsCourse Details
Political ScienceCourse Details
Psychiatry and Behavioral SciencesCourse Details
PsychologyCourse Details
Radiation OncologyCourse Details
RadiologyCourse Details
Religious StudiesCourse Details
Slavic Languages and LiteratureCourse Details
SociologyCourse Details
StatisticsCourse Details
Structural BiologyCourse Details
SurgeryCourse Details
Theater and Performance Studies Course Details
UrologyCourse Details



Graduate School of BusinessView DetailsView Details
School of Earth, Energy & Environmental SciencesView DetailsView Details
School of EducationView DetailsView Details
School of EngineeringView DetailsView Details
School of Humanities & SciencesView DetailsView Details
Law SchoolView DetailsView Details
School of MedicineView DetailsView Details

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