Loyola Marymount University

Loyola Marymount University is basically the outcome of the merger between two colleges in history. Loyola University established in 1911 and Marymount School was established in 1923 and became Marymount College in 1933. Both of these merge to become a single large institute for higher education. That is why Loyola Marymount University was formerly referenced with many names. Loyola Marymount University is located in Westchester, Los Angeles, California, United States of America.  It is a private non-profit research institute: one of the only five institutes for higher education in Marymount. It delivers the traditions of Jesuit and Marymount and becomes the top ranked catholic institute with such properties. Loyola Marymount University is also called simply LMU.

Loyola Marymount University USA & World Rank

source: timeshighereducation.com -2016 ranking

Currently facilitates all graduate, undergraduate and law students with advanced and updated knowledge of science and technology from all around the world without any discrimination. The most popular majors offered at Loyola Marymount University are visual and performing arts, social sciences, biology and biomedical sciences, business and commerce, health and human science and school psychology. All these subjects are delivered in such a way that there remains no difficulty in grasping the concepts for students. The research in diverse fields makes Loyola Marymount University a very prominent university among those universities that are working day and night on new fields and disciplines.  For performance evaluation ranking for universities is done every year and according to 2016 ranking of universities in the US, Loyola Marymount University is ranked #3 in regional universities west of United States of America.

The admission procedure and requirements of Loyola Marymount University are same as other universities of United States. But before applying it would be an intelligent move if we analyze its full criteria for granting admission. The acceptance rate of applications by Loyola Marymount University is 54%. Thus it is “moderately selective” in granting its admissions. Out of every 100 applications, 54 are accepted every year. Other demanded requirements for getting admission in Loyola Marymount University is:

  • GPA
  • Tests including SAT and ACT
  • Application

The average GPA required for admission in Loyola Marymount University is 3.72 which is a very normal and easily attainable GPA for students who value the worth of their time, money, and academic career. With regular studies and efforts done the right thing, this GPA and the other demands of the university can be met. The average SAT required for admission in Loyola Marymount University is 1280 on new 1600 SAT score. Loyola Marymount University is competitive in SAT score as well. The average ACT required for admission in Loyola Marymount University is 27. Again it is relatively easy to achieve this required score in ACT test. Thus with all these few but important requirements the admission procedure would become easy. It is recommended to meet the criteria to gain admission in this university and even if admission is not granted, your efforts won’t go in vain because the every other university of United States demands the same requirement from the applicant. Finally submit a complete application form with attached transcript, GPA, SAT and ACT test scores and letters of recommendation to your university administration before the due date they issued for this application.