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The Georgia Institute of Technology also known as Georgia Tech in Atlanta, Georgia is the highly ranked public research University of United States. Founded on October 13, 1885, this reputed university offered major in mechanical engineering only. As time passes, electrical, civil and chemical engineering was also introduced. The expansion didn’t affect the quality education this organization provided and hence this university attained a remarkable name in fields of science and technology. It is playing a vital role in departments of research and innovation to modern business, industry and government.

Equipped with advanced science and technology, Georgia Tech is promising a bright future of leadership and service. It has about 28 different schools for business, engineering, computing and design with 130 various advanced degrees offered, prominence in science and technology majorly. It is well reputed for its degrees in computing, business, engineering, liberal arts, science and design. With its relentless efforts through all these years, Georgia Tech has gained the rank of 7th leading research university among other national universities of Unites States. According to U.S News and World Reporting ranking lists, Georgia Tech is 36 among other competing universities of the world.

Georgia Tech is offering almost all major and minor degree programs of bachelors’, master’s degrees and doctorate degrees. Along with it, there are some programs that are offered online as well for master’s degree. Georgia Institute of Technology is basically a part of University System of Georgia and has campuses in different countries of the world.

Getting admission in Georgia Tech requires following series of steps as in any other university where your academic background, your behavior in the class and outside it matters. University requires students who are enthusiastic enough to bring positive change in society and become a source of university’s major accomplishment in any field. For getting admission in Georgia Tech you should focus on few main things.

  • GPA
  • Tests including SAT and ACT
  • Application


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The noteworthy point of admission in Georgia Tech is keeping in mind their acceptance rate of applications. If you complete their requirements flexibly or better exceed in meeting their demands, your chances of getting admission are high. Because this university is moderately selective in accepting the application with a rate of only 41 from 100 applications, thus it is highly recommended to take their requirements more seriously. The average GPA for Georgia is 3.95. This gives us the look and feel of students that normally get admission in this university. If your GPA is lower than this average then you should work hard to attain more marks in SAT or ACT to compensate. Georgia Tech is strongly competitive in SAT and ACT scores and according to the new scale, the average SAT score required for the admission is 1430 and ACT score is 31.

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For completing any application all essentials should be met. Therefore, the high school transcript, GPA, Test scores of SAT and ACT, recommendation letters and application form all should be submitted carefully before the due date to get admission in university otherwise university may reject your application for being incomplete.

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