Dartmouth College

Dartmouth College was established on December 13, 1769, with a motto of carrying a lone voice that is crying in the wilderness. This means it was particularly expressing an idea or opinion that was uncommon for people to recognize at that period of time. It is also noted that the early period of this college was considered relatively poor. So the founder was working hard for something which gained popularity very late and made people realize that he was right in his decision. Dartmouth is a private research institute and one of the oldest institute of higher learning in the US. Located in Hanover, New Hampshire, United States of America, Dartmouth was founded by an Ivy League member Eleazar Wheelock who had a long history of making this college, what it is now. His dedication and unique educational techniques made this college a well reputed educational institute that is flourishing day-by-day.

The faculty at Dartmouth College is considered as one of the best faculty. All teachers are leaders in their respective fields. Hence what they convey, is actually what is going on in industry. Students are equipped with advanced and up-to-date information with an experienced and technical background of the respective field. Professors remain honest and committed to their teaching profession. Students have a relationship of a mentor, friend and colleague with their professors which make it easier for them to discuss and collaborate their innovative ideas. With this best faculty, research department and highly technologized education provided, Dartmouth is ranked 12th among other competing national universities in the United States.

Dartmouth is offering renowned graduate degree programs in medicine, engineering, business and arts & sciences. It is offering methods and resources that are not common among other universities. Interdisciplinary programs offered by Dartmouth College are also noteworthy. Dartmouth is accepting students from all over the world. And it ensures to assist students that are facing financial crises as well.

As with any other college, keeping in mind the acceptance rate of application by Dartmouth College will help you in your future decisions. Application acceptance rate of Dartmouth College is only 10%. This means it is “highly selective” in its admissions. Only 10 out of every 100 applicants are lucky enough to get admission in this top ranking university of America. For this very reason make sure your application stand out among all others and your chances of rejection become less. The requirements for getting admission in Dartmouth College requires your application form to be fully completed and it includes following things:

  • GPA
  • Tests including SAT and ACT
  • Application

The average GPA requirement for Dartmouth College is 4.1. This means Dartmouth College takes the cream of students for admission and maintains a highly competitive environment among them.  The average SAT score required for admission in this college is 1510 on the new 1600 SAT and score for ACT is 32. This means you should work hard on every step from your GPA to your testing. Otherwise, admission is not guaranteed. Last but not least, complete your application form by attaching all required documents like your transcripts, GPA, test scores of SAT and ACT and any recommendation letters demanded before submission.