Cornell University

Cornell University is the one among three other private land grant universities in Ithaca, New York. Established in 1865 by Ezra Cornell and Andrew Dickson White, this university proceeded on its own unique techniques. As a private research university, Cornell’s plan is to make strong pace in the field of advanced science and technology. Rather than conveying the same old techniques of educating students just theoretically, Cornell University tends to make students able to do practically what they are being taught. The application of any knowledge is as necessary as the knowledge itself, otherwise, it will rust and benefit you in no way. The transition from theory to practical work was the main motto of Cornell University which obviously was uncommon for people of that time but succeeded later in the field of education and befits people of all ages.

Major courses offered by Cornell University include biomedical sciences, business, engineering, social sciences, biological degrees and support services. The interdisciplinary programs offered by Cornell University are matchless with its peers. Genomics, biotechnology, Nanotechnology and supercomputing are few to mention. Through all these years with these technologized and advanced departments with a combination of experienced and professional faculty, Cornell University is highly competitive with its parallels. According to ranking done in 2016 of best colleges in the United States, Cornell University is ranked at number 15.

Cornell University USA and World Ranking

source: -2016 ranking

As it is competing with other national universities and comes in the list of top 20’s, getting admission in it would be a strong achievement for any student. But analyzing university’s whole procedure of admission and history of its selection criteria will benefit the student in the long run. Noting down its acceptance rate and other requirements will save your time. There are cases where students think they’ll be granted admission but they don’t meet the university criteria, resulting in wastage of time and money. Therefore the intelligent move requires you to keep in mind all requirements of this university. The acceptance rate of application for Cornell University is 16%. This means for every 100 applications only 16 are accepted. Therefore it is “very selective” in its admissions. Other requirements include:

  • GPA
  • Tests including SAT and ACT
  • Application

The GPA required by Cornell University is 4.01. It demands students to work hard to get admission in this reputed university. Students still have a chance to balance their form by getting good SAT and ACT scores if their GPA isn’t good enough. Otherwise as discussed above their acceptance is very selective and if a student fails to meet their demands they will not pay a second look and instantly rejects the application and will grant admission to someone who is more eligible. The SAT score requirement for Cornell University on new 1600 is 1480, stating it to be very selective in SAT too. The ACT score required for admission is 32. This all gives a glimpse of what Cornell is actually demanding from their students. At the end attach all these required documents along with your transcript, GPA, test scores and recommendation letters and wait for your new advanced and technologized journey.


Colleges & SchoolsDetailsAcademicsAdmission/Application
College of Agriculture and Life SciencesSee Details 1. Undergraduate Admissions 2. Graduate Education 3. Master of Professional Studies 4. Dual Master’s DegreeHow to Apply
College of Architecture, Art, and PlanningSee Details Department of Architecture Graduate Programs Undergraduate Program Department of Art Undergraduate Program Department of City and Regional Planning Graduate Programs Undergraduate Programs Graduate Admissions Apply Now Undergraduate Admissions Apply Now
College of Arts and SciencesSee Details 1. Majors, Minors & Grad Fields 2. Enhancing Academics 3. Courses & Curriculum 4. Departments & Programs 5. Educational OutcomesFirst Year Undergraduate Apply Now Transfer Student Apply Now Graduate Student Apply Now | Application Timelines
College of EngineeringSee Details Departments & Programs See Details 1. Undergraduate Admissions 2. Graduate Admissions
School of Hotel Administration (SHA)See Details Degree Programs 1. Undergraduate 2. Master of Management in Hospitality 3. Baker Program in Real Estate 4. MS & PhD Programs1. Undergraduate Apply 2. Master of Management in Hospitality (MMH) Apply 3. Baker Program in Real Estate Apply 4. MS & PhD Apply 5. Executive EducationApply
College of Human EcologySee Details Academic Programs Majors & Degrees Apply Now
School of Industrial and Labor Relations (ILR)See Details 1. Economics 2. Human Resource Studies 3. International and Comparative Labor 4. Labor Relations, Law and History 5. Organizational Behavior 6. Social Statistics | Undergraduate Degree Program Apply Now
Faculty of Computing and Information ScienceSee Details 1. Department of Computer Science 2. Department of Information Science 3. Department of Statistical ScienceApplication
Cornell Tech (New York City)See Details MASTERS PROGRAMS 1. Johnson Cornell Tech MBA 2. Master in Computer Science 3. Master in Operations Research and Information Engineering 4. Master of Laws in Law, Technology and Entrepreneurship (LLM) 5. Technion-Cornell Master's Degree in Connective Media 6. Technion-Cornell Master's Degree in Health Tech PHD & POST DOCTORAL PROGRAMS PhD Studies | Runnway Startup Postdocs Apply Now
Graduate SchoolSee Details Graduate DegreesApply Now
Cornell Law SchoolSee Details 1. Degrees Offered 2. Centers & Programs 3. Clinical ProgramsApply Now
Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of ManagementSee Details ProgramsSee Details
College of Veterinary MedicineSee Details 1. Doctor of Veterinary Medicine 2. Master of Professional Studies-Parasitology 3. Masters of Public Health [MPH] 4. PhD Program 5. Visitor & Professional ProgramsApplication Procedure & Guidlines
Weill Cornell Medical (New York City)See Details Program OptionsApplication Procedure & Guide See Details
Weill Cornell Medical (Doha, Qatar)See Details 1. Pre-medical Program 2. Medical Program 3. Clinical Skills Center Procedure & Guidlines
Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences (New York City)See Details Degrees & ProgramsApply
School of Continuing Education and Summer SessionsSee Details Courses/ProgramsProcedure & Details


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