Brown University

Brown University is considered the seventh oldest university of United States of America. It was established in 1764 as a private research university. Located in Providence, Rhode Island, United States of America, Brown University was first named as “The College in the English Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantation” which was changed shortly. Brown is an Ivy League research-intensive university. Brown University was basically established before American Revolution: A first university to accept students from all backgrounds. A non-sectarian and non-discriminatory university in the United States of America enriched with advancements and technology. The brown university is a combination of creativity, excellence, and leadership. The faculties are transferring the soul of entrepreneurship to its students and awake them to create a better tomorrow and become a source of pride and progress for Brown and for the entire nation.

Brown university USA & world rank

source: -2016 ranking

Brown University is offering various advanced and typical disciplines. Brown’s school of engineering, medical science, public health and professional studies are very famous. Major degrees for graduate and undergraduate students normally contain the programs of economics, general science, biology and biomedical sciences and history. Brown University is very famous for its innovative and research work. Every year many students present their advanced and unseen projects of high technology. Currently, Brown University’s faculty and alumni are awarded many Nobel Prizes and medals. According to a detailed ranking conducted in the year 2016 for university’s evaluation, Brown University was ranked 27 among other national competing universities of United States of America. As it is highly ranked and well-reputed university of US it is therefore among student’s top priorities. And thus admission in Brown University is not as easy as anybody could think.

The acceptance rate of applications by Brown University is 9%. This means Brown University is “extremely selective” in taking admissions. Out of 100 applications, only 9 are accepted and thus it shows how competitive it must be. Other critical requirements for admission in Brown University include:

  • GPA
  • Tests including SAT and ACT
  • Application

The average GPA demanded by Brown University for admission is 4.05. This is quite tough to achieve and essential at the same time. Brown demands these high scores because it enables its students to study in a┬áhealthier environment where knowledge and education are everything. When extraordinary minds will collaborate they will think new ways of doing things and invent something that will assist the future generations. The SAT score required for admission in Brown University is 1490. This makes Brown University considerably selective in SAT score as well. But a student can compensate the loss of GPA with good scores in SAT and ACT. Thus every step of admission is very important. The average ACT required for admission is 32 means moderately selective in ACT scoring too. Finally complete the application form by submitting all the required documents asked by university administration such as your final transcript, GPA, test scores of SAT and ACT, any application essays demanded, letters of recommendation and interviews conducted upon university’s requirement and submit all of it before the due date.